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Definition of Quantum Demographics:
Arizona House Bill 2281 Endangers Freedom of Speech and All Cultures
"Everyone tries to define Latinos through Multiculturalism. You need to understand us through Quantum Demographics." -Tony Diaz
One generation had Affirmative Action, another generation had Multiculturalism. We have Quantum Demographics.
Quantum Demographics: Understanding your own culture so profoundly that you are fulfilled enough, wise enough, and knowledgeable enough to seek out bridges to cultures that may seem far removed from your own. Our generation appreciates and thrives on those links. 

It is vital at this time to further an appreciation for Quantum Demographics because when people hear us defending Ethnic Studies so little is know about the depth of our vision and culture that some people assume, and some people would like to lead you to believe, that we are championing only our culture. Furthermore, there are forces that would like to convince you that we would go so far as to impose our culture on others. This is not the case at all.
Arizona House Bill 2281 prohibits courses of studies in American schools. This prohibition is wrong. A great nation does not fear children reading books. A great nation defies censorship. The United States was built on Freedom of Speech. This is one of the most anti-american laws in the books at this time. As of this writing, May 7, 2012, this law still stands. The Librotraficantes call for the repeal of this law. It was the impetus for the Tucson Unified School District to dismantle the brilliant K-12th grade Mexican American Studies program, and to confiscate and box up all the books, over 83, used in those courses.

Arizona has become expert at making out people illegal. It has now turned its attention to making our history illegal. Arizona created the most racist anit-immigrant laws in the nation in the form of SB 1070, which is being reviewed at the Supreme Court level. Others states such as Alabama and George have copied this law.

I have no doubt that if we allow AZ HB 2281 to stand it too shall spread. The evil genius used to create the law would have Americans believe that it will be applied only to Mexican American courses. But rest assured, that it will be used as the reason NOT to institute Asian Studies courses. Administrators would simply point out that Asian American Studies is illegal. And then it will be used to eliminate African American Studies courses. And other states too shall copy it. We must all join forces to defend Freedom of Speech and defy Censorship. Join us June 20-24, 2-12 in Phoenix, Arizona to protest this law.

The Ultimate Ethnic Studies Course would cover the Texas Immigration story and feature the histories of how the Poles, Mexicanos, the Polish, and Vietnamese came to Texas, or even more specificically came to Houston. This type of brilliant course will be even more likely once multimedia is embraced by the educational system. This is the type of thinking that is inspired through Quantum Demographics. And this is exactly what is prohibited by Arizona House Bill 2281. 

America's ability to compete as a leader in business, art, culture, and innovation in a global economy is put in peril by this un-American law. The education of all of our young is also at stake. Find out more by visiting: www.saveethnicstudies.org.  Act now by visiting www.librotraficante.com.

"We get frustrated a lot of time when we hear the mainstream media, or pundits, talking about Latino culture because they are dealing with Arithmetic, while we are dealing with Quantum Cultural Theory. As a Mexican American, and as a writer, activist, and professor, I run into this often. Actually, we all do. However, as a scholar, I'm suppossed to pause and analyze this situation. I see these as educational opportunities. A discussion on Quantum Demographics is one way into this discussion. However, I find it best to talk over a Binh Mai Sandwich." -Tony Diaz

The Librotraficantes profess Quantum Demographics. 
The Ultimate Ethnic Studies Course: 
Quantum Demographics allows us to revel in our own unique cultural perspectives, at the same time as seeking out common experiences in other cultures.